About Us

Adam Loyal is the author of the Wondering Through The Forest blog featured on Grimerica where he gave readers a very personal look into life with synesthesia. In this condition, the senses intermingle, creating a singular experience of the world.

His unique perspective drove him to become the heart and soul of the beloved Friends To Know podcast, an on air, free form conversation with various guests. Jestin Sallas, would later be asked by Adam to join him as cohosts.

Each week, the group mentally palpitates a slew of diverse subjects, playing devils advocate or just examining social morays, politics, religion, basically any and all subjects you’ve been told are impolite to discuss. Its the kind of unapologetic, penetrative repartee that UMG is hoping to fuel in its listeners.

Adam doesn’t see the harm in adding a little grease to people’s mental gears. Let him slap your cerebrum around as cohost of UMG’s “The Untitled Podcast” which he runs with celebrated blogger and research fiend, Jestin Sallas.

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Jestin Sallas   gained notoriety for is blog “Fortean Mindset” featured on Grimerica, where he delves into the arcane. Knowledgeable on subjects from superstition to sasquatch, Jestin has an unquenchable curiousity about the world around him.

While people have come to count on Jestin’s  well researched exploration of all things fringe, here on UMG, Jestin applies that same scrutiny to contemporary media. When Jestin’s on the case, expect that no stone will be left unturned.

Jestin has the unique ability to combine humor and knowledge into a very palatable mix, sure to nourish your hungry mind. His vigilant brand of investigation will thrill you on “The Untitled Podcast” which he cohosts with popular podcaster Adam Loyal.