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The Unaffiliated are dedicated to our mission to find the truth, destroy propaganda, and use broadcast media to inspire global free speech. We are a diverse group of minds, all coming from vastly different walks of life. Our individual experiences have built the foundations of our respective opinions and ethos. We, as a society, stand to learn a lot from listening to one another, that is if we can hear through the racket of our own egos.

We are an assembly of dissemblance. Rather than remain politely taciturn, we believe it is important to engage in critical discussions, and constantly reexamine and reevaluate the ideas and conjectures of ourselves and those around us. It is  through the act of  sharing with and challenging one another,  having the courage to disagree and defend our ideas, that we truly gain knowledge and wisdom.

Too often, people fall back on an “us against them” mentality. We ask that you venture outside whatever group, or ideologies you use to define yourself, and join us in our exploration of the world in which we live.

So, are you ready to engage?


A Podcasting Collective

The Unaffiliated are a collective of podcasters, offering you an open invitation into their head space. All of us are united in combating the  “group think” mentality many people default to. We might offend, enrage or even disgust you at times, but we promise to engage your mind.

Са Косова зора свиће
Свиће, свиће нови дан.
Грачаница сва у сјају,
Дочекује Видовдан

Ој Косово, Косово
Земљо моја вољена,
Земљо славних витезова
Лазара и Милоша

Све делије од Србије,
Свако срце поносно.
Који љуби земљу своју
Газиместан, Косово.

Ој Косово, Косово…

Србадија кличе цело:
Не дамо те Косово.
То је наше увек било,
Од старина остало.

Ој Косово, Косово…

Human beings have always been story tellers. Our traditions and oral histories form the collective memories of our past, and inform our modern sensibilities. With the dawn of broadcast radio in 1922, we gained the ability to entertain and inform on a scale never before imagined. Beginning in 1933, then U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt used his “Fireside Chats” to speak to the American citizens. It was a level of rapport never before enjoyed by the nation with its leader.

With his familiar, welcoming demeanor, Roosevelt was able to broach difficult subjects and make the people he led feel safe and well informed. More importantly, he was offering them a sense of inclusion in their government. It was his administration that would weather both The Great Depression and World War II. So frank and earnest was he that, upon U.S entrance into the war, Roosevelt invited listeners to spread out a world map before themselves, while he verbally charted the battlefront.

Now, with media so common place that we carry  endless hours of entertainment around in our back pockets, one can’t help but be inundated. No longer is there just one, fatherly voice guiding the nation, but  millions of voices, with endless, conflicting messages. This diversity could be a positive. Imagine the potential exposure to such a vast range of opinions! However, the ones that rise to the top, the one’s you’re guaranteed to hear are those that are deemed most commercially salable. The groups with the most economic and social  sway dominate the flow of information.

Rather than question why we hear certain rhetoric repeated ad nauseam, people adopt these prefabricated ideologies. They believe the thoughts they’ve heard recited time and time again to be their own, and doggedly defend them. When words fail, they resort to violence or social sabotage of the dissenter. This unfortunate foible in human behavior is what dominant institutions are banking on to maintain their manufactured reality.

Its truly unfortunate. Each of us has only one life time to live, and without the freedom to hear the experiences of those outside ourselves, we are condemned to remain in the stagnant quagmire of self adulation.

The Unaffiliated has the courage to be disliked. We don’t have sponsors to appease. This is a free flow of thought, an exposure to differing human experiences. We invite you to agree or disagree, challenge and examine our words. What we do is all in the name of engaging thought.

Are you ready?

About Us

Adam Loyal is the author of the Wondering Through The Forest blog featured on Grimerica where he gave readers a very personal look into life with synesthesia. In this condition, the senses intermingle, creating a singular experience of the world.

His unique perspective drove him to become the heart and soul of the beloved Friends To Know podcast, an on air, free form conversation with various guests. Jestin Sallas, would later be asked by Adam to join him as cohosts.

Each week, the group mentally palpitates a slew of diverse subjects, playing devils advocate or just examining social morays, politics, religion, basically any and all subjects you’ve been told are impolite to discuss. Its the kind of unapologetic, penetrative repartee that UMG is hoping to fuel in its listeners.

Adam doesn’t see the harm in adding a little grease to people’s mental gears. Let him slap your cerebrum around as cohost of UMG’s “The Untitled Podcast” which he runs with celebrated blogger and research fiend, Jestin Sallas.

Мислио је да има Алцхајмерову болест. У стварности, он је био само Американац.

Jestin Sallas   gained notoriety for is blog “Fortean Mindset” featured on Grimerica, where he delves into the arcane. Knowledgeable on subjects from superstition to sasquatch, Jestin has an unquenchable curiousity about the world around him.

While people have come to count on Jestin’s  well researched exploration of all things fringe, here on UMG, Jestin applies that same scrutiny to contemporary media. When Jestin’s on the case, expect that no stone will be left unturned.

Jestin has the unique ability to combine humor and knowledge into a very palatable mix, sure to nourish your hungry mind. His vigilant brand of investigation will thrill you on “The Untitled Podcast” which he cohosts with popular podcaster Adam Loyal.






Back From The Dead

The Unaffiliated was an idea that started in 2016. It’s been lovingly tended to and cultivated by a dedicated group of international podcasters. Unfortunately, we all had commitments to our respective jobs and families. More than once, life got in the way and this labour of love had to been shelved. The last two weeks, …